Mui x Ingka

Mui x Vetlanda is a service concept designed at CIID for Ingka/Ikea. The concept explores the use of MUI boards in Ikea offices to foster co-creation practices among Ikea employees and support the adoption of the internal open innovation platform Vetlanda.

The presentation is visible here


Chaplabo is a prototype of a connected musical toy designed for kids in the spectrum of autism and their neurotypical peers, to foster collaborative play through kinesthetic expression. Chaplabo was designed and prototyped over 10 weeks as my Graduation Project at CIID.

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FluxVR - Mozilla Hubs

FluxVR is one of six concepts designed at CIID to explore the future of Mozilla HUBS through the lens of social interactions. The concept focuses on integrating WebVR in the communication ecosystem, and reducing the friction of the transition between physical and virtual reality.

More about FluxVR on CIID's Blog

Explore the process behind CIID for Mozilla MR

CIID - Space Painter

SpacePainter is a prototype of Mixed-Reality app that explores the potential of shared experiences in augmented environments. It allows multiple users to collaboratively paint in the digital layer of public spaces with tablets.

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